About Lumen Christi International High School
More than 30 years of Experience
Lumen Christi International High School is a Catholic Boarding School for boys only. It is owned and run by the Catholic Diocese of Uromi in Esan North East Local Government Area of Edo State.
Without placing a topmost priority on profit making but on the holistic mandate of the formation of lives, "Lumen Christi International High School" Uromi, Edo State, was founded on the 5thOctober 1986, by  His Grace, Most Rev. Dr. P. E. Ekpu, the then Archbishop of Benin City.
Our Mission

We at Lumen Christi International High School Uromi, brought together by a common desire, are all learners through communal endeavour of exchange of ideas, experience and skill. We put in place an enabling environment and a conducive atmosphere to enhance the creative potentials of all participants to the benefit of the child. At Lumen Christi, we express and share unconditional love and this binds our unity in diversity. Above all, we affirm our belief in Jesus Christi as the greatest Teacher and Role Model. We look unto Jesus as the giver of all things and ?the Light of the World?. Finally, we claim the possibility of growth for every individual participant in the school community.

Our Vision

Our world, full of competing attractions of mixed values, can pose a danger to the young and inexperienced. This has constantly gnawed at the hearts of serious parents, leaders and founding fathers. Hence an educational institution and structure of Lumen Christi mould, with a parade of human and material resources, is designed to serve as a preparatory guide of the young through the maze of life. As an institution that draws light from Christ, our model, we are sure of giving only the best to posterity.

Core Values
Lumen Christi International High School Is a value-oriented institution. Our philosophy is based on all that is good, true and beautiful in our world. We emphasize especially those spiritual values which will bring about greater unity and love in our society. We believe in and live the values. This we do by being consistent, supportive and accountable to one another. We believe that Catholic Education is a value for a life time. The following are both expressions of and means of developing and clarification of our values.
1. Demonstrating positive role models (especially adults).
2. Mutual respect (between adults and children).
3. Communalism (working and building together).
4. Developing positive leadership and followership.
5. Acknowledging days that are meaningful both in our faith and firm traditions.
6. Educating the broader community to an awareness of our values so that they can be of great service, e.g, field trips.
7. Loyalty and devotion to our faith.
8. Striving for unconditional love that transcends all diversity.
9. Any other way consistent with our philosophy.
1. Prayer
2. Meditation
3. Sacrifice
4. Hard work
5. Appreciation of nature
6. Self-discipline
7. Creative ritual

If you open it, close it.
If you turn it on, turn it off.
If you unlock it, lock it back.
If you break it, fix it.
If you cannot fix it, report it.
If you borrow it, return it.
If you make a mess, clean it up.
If you move it, move it back.
If it does not concern you, don’t make a mess.
If you do not know, ask.

Health care services

The school offers health-care services at the Madonna Clinic within the campus.
Two nurses are on shift duty all week round and a visiting doctor to attend to students in need of medical attention. Serious cases of illness are referred to Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital (Federal Medical Centre, Irrua).
All medical bills so incurred are charged to parents/guardians. .


On resumption, students are to enter the school premises with skin cut hair style called “ABOLO”. Failure to comply, such a student will be sent back home


Parents should make use of any of the Dustbins at various locations in the school compound to avoid dumping of wastes. Students must not bring their snacks to class during or after the long break.

Affordable Fees

Lumen Christi school Fees are quit affordable and must be paid regularly as would be demanded by the school exclusive.