Lumen Christi Scholarship scheme

First three (3) best candidates in our entrance exam will receive automatic admission with one year free tuition for the first year.


For parents having up to three (3) children in our school, the third child will automatically become tuition-free all through his years of study in the School.


Any student having the highest aggregate in Senior and Junior category will automatically enjoy the following; i. The persons will be crowned as Lumen Stars. ii. They will enjoy free tuition for one year. iii. The persons will reign as a Principal for one day. iv. Have and live in his own apartment v. He will be honored by everyone in the School. vi. He will be invited to the high table during events and ceremonies in the School.


Any student who can get twelve (12) “A”s in Junior WAEC will automatically become tuition-free throughout his Senior Secondary School in Lumen Christi.


Any student that represents the School in any competition and wins will be awarded free tuition for the remaining part of the academic session.


Final year students who are able to score up to 1,200 in SAT and ACT will be given scholarships by our partner universities in the USA and Canada. The School nominates the best student each year for a scholarship by the United States Embassy and other foreign partners to study in prestigious universities abroad.